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Have any ideas to Subud practices or ideology that you’d like to see researched? Post them below.

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  1. hi david,
    dr. week. hey, oh it is good to read such well written and logical articles. right now i am speaking with a subud friend, a muslim, who is dismayed. He feels that the latihan is most certainly shirk and if he continues, it is the hellfire for him. What I get from reading this, is that no one is completely sure- footed in their pursuit of whatever “It” is.
    Also, thank you very much, now as the old guard accosts me with the irrefutable sayings of Pah Subuh, I will have to struggle that much harder to keep my eyes from figure eights.
    Anyway, hope you are well. Much respect.

  2. Hi David,

    it has been a while since we’ve had contact….send me an email when you get a chance…..

    Bianca Smith (anthropologist of subud, indonesia etc)

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